Becky Skillin

Quality editing for authors & organizations


Publishing a book is a project with many steps. Decide where you are in the process to see which services you need.

For Authors

Ideation & Writer Coaching


The desire to write can be clearer than the path to a finished product, so coaching can help clarify the vision, define the goal, and decide the form. Walking through the publication process with an additional voice of experience can help move the project forward toward tangible results and achievable deadlines.

Developmental Editing


Whether the project is in digital, print, or audio format, a developmental edit helps create a solid outline and structure. If you have completed a draft but need assistance with organization or content, then this, too, calls for developmental editing.

Stylistic Editing


Stylistic or line editing happens after the author is sure that the details and tone work together toward the goal. A line edit looks at transitions between paragraphs, the way sentences flow, and recasts awkward construction or wordiness. Line edits reduce passive voice, unintended impressions, and outdated jargon. This edit often happens consistently with copy editing.

Copy Editing


The copy edit is what most people consider when thinking of an editor. The copy edit is the sentence-by-sentence review of the work. Accuracy in spelling, sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation are in the lens at this stage.

Fact Checking


Help your readers be sure that what you publish is true. Verifying links, dates, references, and product claims help strengthen your thesis.



This is the very last set of eyes before publishing. Remove unintended letters, close the quotation mark, and add punctuation. Are you a double space user? Even the keenest eyes miss typos from time to time, so checking that page numbers in the table of contents or endnotes match the main text of your work after formatting can prevent frustration after publication.

For Organizations

Having an editor look at policies, procedures, and services can ensure consistency across media and publications, and a content refresh can lead consumers to action and attract awareness.

Policy Analysis


Clearly identified policies and procedures help staff and clients understand your company’s values and how your services meet their needs.



Make sure your yearly reports are typo-free, consistently formatted, and clear to all stakeholders with a professional edit.

Downloadable PDFs & Landing Pages


Connect with clients, attract readership, and educate users with downloadable files and forms that will grow business. An editor can make sure the wording is catchy and concise.



For businesses large and small, the website is often a client’s first impression. In addition to corralling vagrant commas and apostrophes, an editor can walk through the site as a new user would, check for consistency in how data and text is displayed, and replace outdated information with fresh copy.



Your words matter, and having an extra set of eyes to look at the speech can tighten the phrasing for greater impact.

Marketing & Advancement


Be sure that letters or brochures to clientele, media releases, and advertisements have consistent branding, clear messaging, and are free of typos.